Set the scene with light!
We set the scene for your water wheel location.

The service area of the network partner CAD.S Raum.Licht.Systeme generally concerns the illumination of the technical object water wheel and in addition – depending on the installation environment – the light-technical staging of the plant for the viewer / visitor.

Our concern is not to limit the competence for the construction or restoration of hydropower sites to the mere water wheel (plant technology), but also to make the attractiveness of the technical facility comprehensively visible and tangible, especially at sites with a touristic background.

The investment in a hydroelectric power plant is usually made not only for energy reasons, but also to make the historically historical site visible again. Thus, an inn / restaurant / excursion pub / bakery / museum or similar may well be connected to installation sites, for whose visitors the technical equipment of the water wheel is to be experienced even at dusk and in the dark.

The contribution of CAD.S in the network is to show the lighting of the water wheel and also its immediate surroundings in a lighting concept and to realize it together with the network partners for potential customers. Customers to realize.

Mill sites are often located in natural areas. In this context, it is particularly important to realize the illumination according to the purpose, but in the context of a sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting, so as not to force the general light pollution. This also requires an intelligent control of the lighting that regulates the light based on the time of day and switches it off completely for a large part of the night. This is also in the field of activity of CAD.S.