Water wheels are a joyful technology - durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

From fairy tale books, we have all heard about them in childhood. That is why they fascinate both young and old to this day.

Water wheels represent the oldest form of energy use in human history. First mentioned in the 3rd/4th century BC, they were initially used as a pumping mechanism in agriculture to irrigate fields. By the 8th/9th century, two types of water wheels were already distinguished: undershot and overshot.

In the course of time, numerous variants of water wheels developed, whose broad innovation and energy potential is still the subject of many developments and research today. Water wheels are characterized by their wide range of applications. They can handle heads of 0.25 to 10 m and flows of up to 8 m³/s and are relatively independent of water fluctuations.

The use of water wheels has an eternity value. You can leave something lasting for your grandchildren to enjoy – the energy, the ripple of the water, the fascination of the machine, or the sustainability of the energy conversion, which will pay off in profits in the medium term. This means that they are always in line with the trend, today and in the future.

  • Water wheels inspire young and old!
  • Waterwheels are always an attraction!
  • Water wheels are old and modern at the same time!
  • Water wheels are popular destinations for excursions!