CAD.S Raum.Licht.Systeme.

For more than 20 years, CAD.S – Raum.Licht.Systeme. has stood for sophisticated lighting concepts. From design and planning to installation and commissioning, CAD.S realizes lighting projects indoors and outdoors, on both a small and large scale. Rooms and areas are staged on the basis of the latest LED technology and individual control systems are installed. On request, specially developed lighting objects are built as unique specimens.

Whether product presentation or outdoor advertising, whether residential house or company headquarters – technical standards are just as self-evident for CAD.S as an invisible installation and a user-friendly control system.
invisible installation and user-friendly operation. Easy to use, precise in its effect and flexible in its extension. For a perfect result.

With skilful lighting installations, CAD.S turns rooms into places that can be experienced or supports the expressiveness of motifs in representative areas. “Seeing like a designer and thinking like an engineer” is the motto and secret of success of the company around the lighting expert and graduate engineer Jörg
Przyborowski. He ensures that every project is designed and visualized in 3D CAD in advance. This simultaneously provides him with a reliable basis for coordination and a precise template for installation. Targeted, precise and budget-oriented, for lighting with a system.

We set locations in scene!


CAD.S Raum.Licht.Systeme.

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